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Product Overview

Entuity is an independent all-in-one network management solution that offers network staff and management full control over their converged networks. Entuity automates network management processes in a single integrated product for inventory/topologyfault/events, port, device and flow-based performance and configuration monitoring. Entuity has been highly acclaimed for its rapid deployment, ease of use, low cost of ownership, technological sophistication and openness to integration with other management systems in an enterprise.


  1. Entuity gets the job done. All technical aspects of modern converged networks are covered to provide network operators with complete, actionable big picture data as well as fine gained low level information needed to understand the network.
  2. Entuity gets the job done at a reasonable cost. It shouldn't  require a plethora of products and a team of experts with advanced degreed to keep the system operational. Simplicity, operational efficiency and short learning curves are becoming as important as the coverage of the technology itself. Entuity excels in this category.
  3. Entuity's technology supports the business. It is more important than ever for the various stakeholders in IT and business to understand how the network supports their efforts. Entuity offers a comprehensive set of reports and UIs that cater directly to the needs of a business oriented audience.

Entuity delivers actionable business insight based on automatically discovered and captured network data and analytics. Real-time notifications of physical network and configuration changes, visibility into virtual server environments, and open data accessibility help prevent business service interruptions and enable transparent business-level reporting. Real-time and historical critical network management data is captured in Entuity to provide a reliable source of network asset information for service delivery and assurance, troubleshooting forensics, requirements trending, integration with a core Configuration Management Data Base (CMDB), or to be used by other applications.


What's New in Entuity 13.5

See what's new in the latest releaseWhat makes us different? Our architecture! Entuity is efficient by design. Its extensible, agile, and unified architecture enables change to accommodate growth, scales without limit, and easily integrates with the larger IT environment. And, by shielding network administrators and users from the underlying architecture, Entuity reduces complexity and dramatically increases operational efficiency.

Watch our 2-minute video to find out why Entuity is different from all other network management solutions. 

Check out the Features/Benefits Matrix for Entuity's newest features.



Inventory and Topology
An effective network management system delivers value without a current, detailed inventory of network assets and the interrelationships between network devices, servers and their applications – both in their physical and virtual forms. Entuity continuously discovers and collects detailed information that goes well beyond the elementary inventory data that is a common standard in the industry.

Information about device's interface cards, power units, CPU boards, installed memory, fans, temperature sensors and other modular components are always at your disposal. Detailed knowledge of devices, ports, inventory and connectivity allows you to detect and reuse previously unknown capacity and save on unnecessary hardware expenses.

By having full, real time visibility into layers 2, 3, and 4, Entuity quickly identifies dependencies between devices, servers and applications, allowing you to assess impacts of outages and prioritize issues more effectively.

More on this subject, virtual infrastructure, routing protocols, MPLS and other related topics can be found here.

Availability and Fault
Operations staff need to be aware of degradations, outages and network failures early in the process before they result into major impacts and business disruptions. Entuity monitors network devices and interfaces in real-time and provides accurate and current visibility information. In order to minimize noise and focus on important data, Entuity Root Cause Analysis suppresses events behind a root cause which is always calculated from the dynamically updated topology information. Entuity lets NOCs detect and trouble shoot real problems with unsurpassed efficiency, and it uses this information in business reports providing summaries of past availability of key network services for senior IT and business management.

We rely on several techniques to determine outages in networks – active polling, device reboot statistics, SNMP traps, syslog and others.

More on automated root cause analysis, event processing, network services and other topics can be found here.

Entuity monitors performance of network devices and interfaces on a continuous basis to provide early warnings of degraded performance, thereby protecting users from costly business interruptions. Performance data are stored for infinite history and so it can be used not only for troubleshooting as known good baselines, but also for long term trend discovery and capacity planning tasks.

Entuity uses a variety of methods to determine the performance of networks and their components, including basic performance metrics of devices and ports, IP SLA statistics, QoS data etc.

More on performance monitoring, built-in analytics, IP SLA support, automated thresholds and baseline monitoring can be found here.

Flow Analysis
Flow monitoring helps operations staff understand detailed information about utilization of individual links in addition to providing a breakdown of the traffic by various criteria, including its source and destination, protocols or applications use, QoS classes. You can observe these traffic patterns in real time or as trends in history. Entuity is unique in its ability to  collect and visualize Flow data within the bounds of a single all-in-one product. Flow data can be displayed on the same pane of glass or combined with additional information effortlessly for quick and effective correlation which is often the key to quick and successful problem troubleshooting.

More information about Flow analysis and monitoring solutions from Entuity can be found here.

Configuration Monitoring
This capability helps network operators detect and understand content and changes of configurations of their network devices, automated detection and reporting of policy violations and enforcement of configuration best practices across their enterprise.


There are over one hundred predefined reports that allow you to interpret network data with ease. Entuity reports are designed for various audiences, ranging from troubleshooting reports for technical staff to business oriented reports aimed at senior line of business and IT management to help them understand how well the network supports business initiatives.

For those who need additional flexibility and customization, a custom report builder and custom interactive charting facility allow flexible, yet easy to use, analytics that allow them to evaluate datasets individually or compared with others via powerful purpose-built correlation and aggregation capabilities.

Details about configurable business dashboards, custom reports, scheduling and other reporting topics can be found here.

Additional information about our technology, architecture and enterprise readiness can be found in our Technology overview.


Entuity Overview Video...

Watch this 2-minute video introduction Entuity Explainer Video

What makes Entuity different?

Find out why Entuity's agile, extensible and scalable architecture makes it different from all other network management solutions!
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